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Online Excel

Today a friend of mine sent me that EditGrid site. These guys really working hard. The interface working really neat and cover everything /everything that regular user needs on his work with a Grid/. As far I can see they loading part of the grid with Ajax and this way the application is not so heavy, as in other applications which load everything in one. The have also API to integrate with external applications/sites. Impressive!

Edit Grid

Autocomplete with strict key=>value pair with Scriptaculous (Part I)

I am using Scriptaculous for Autocomplete control, but in the example provided there is no way to select strict value.

Let me explain what I mean: Go to autocomplete example and try to select an entry in first group of fields. Well everything looking fine.
Then try to modify the entry, for example remove the last char from the field. and press somewhere on the web page /with the mouse/. Well as you can see this didn’t clear the value from ID field and in the real example, when the ID field is hidden, users could have wrong impression that the field is selected, they change it, but their change is not applied … and the complication occur.
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Komodo – My editor in Ubuntu

since I start using Ubuntu from version 6.06 I had problems finding the proper editor fitting my needs and having similar features like UltraEdit. So I tried all provided by default from standart Ubuntu installation: Ajunta, BlueFish, Screem, but no one match my requirements and I start using gEdit. not bad for simple operations, fast, but macros are applied only to file type: for example if you want to add HTML macro printing directly basic html structure of the document to a *.php file – you cant. It’s only for HTML files. Also suporting function sintax is not the first thing, which you can run on gEdit, but this was the reality – this editor suited me best.

Well a year ago I saw the Komodo Edit and I love it! it looking 99% the same as UltraEdit and also support Macros, there are Syntax Check etc.
Language integration is suported very well and there are hints about functions and their attributes.

What I miss is Code Inteligence API for CakePHP, because I am using that Flamework for building my latest projects. Let’s hope somebody will make cix file for it.

Probably in other posts I will mention about my projects. For now – that’s it

How to run Toad under Ubuntu using Wine

Original Article is located here but unfortunately is in Spanish.

So let’s translate original article and I will put additional comments on it:

Step 1.) Installing wine
Wine is application which allow you to execute windows files on Unix enviroment. Because this article is for Ubuntu (my current version is 7.04) I assume that it’s installed, but if not, run the following command:
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