How to run Toad under Ubuntu using Wine

Original Article is located here but unfortunately is in Spanish.

So let’s translate original article and I will put additional comments on it:

Step 1.) Installing wine
Wine is application which allow you to execute windows files on Unix enviroment. Because this article is for Ubuntu (my current version is 7.04) I assume that it’s installed, but if not, run the following command:

sudo apt-get install wine

to check if you have it just run

wine -version

the wine verssion will be displayed.

Step 2.) Configuring wine
I never used this but if you want to make fine tunning fust execute in the terminal:


the configuration window will be displayed.

Step 3.) Downloading Instant client for Oracle.
Go to Oracle Instant Client page and download BASIC instant client. You mus have account in (The registration is free).

The version which I got is:

Step 4.) Creating directories for instant client
My opinion is that structure is not needed /everything is possible to fit in one dir, but I am trying to follow the original article/ so:

cd .wine
cd drive_c
mkdir ORA
cd ORA
mkdir BIN
mkdir ADMIN

Step 5.) Decompress contents from instant client archive
Decompress files to $HOME/.wine/drive_c/ORA/BIN

Step 6.) Creating Oracle Related Variables (ORACLE_HOME)
Run good old regedit with

wine regedit

create key Oracle as example. in that key add label ORACLE_HOME with value C:\ORA

add ot PATH C:\ORA;C:\ORA\BIN. PATH value is under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > CurrentControlSet > Control > SessionManager > Environment
Regedit 2

Step 7.) Installing Toad
Get version of TOAD for Windows. Run instalation with:

wine Toad.exe

Follow the instalation instructions. At the end you should have installed TOAD. Enter Registration key to unlock the Toad.

Step 8.) Create/Get copy of tnsnames.ora
that file contains the connection details to your oracle servers. Put the file under $HOME/.wine/drive_c/ORA/NETWORK/ADMIN/ directory.

Step 9.) Run Toad

wine Tad.exe

This is the brief translation from the otiginal.
The author recommends to put copy of MFC42.DLL file under C:\windows\system32

the problem was that when I follow these steps I had Toad installed, Oracle home (as shown on image)
Toad Connect dialog
but, I didn’t manage to connect to my servers.

So here are the extension to instalation steps.

Step 10.) create TNS_ADMIN value
Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > CurrentControlSet > Control > SessionManager > Environment (the same key where the PATH valriable is).
As value put the path to tnsnames.ora file:
Regedit 3

Step 11.) the most important to my experience
To tell you the truth, I did Step 10 in the beggining (then I add Oracle key in reg edit), but this didnt solve the problem. There was no action after choosing Database and inserting Username and Password. Just nothing – the connection screen saw shown and no action. Then I downloaded SQL*Plus package, because I saw that the problem is somewhere between Oracle and the Client (not Toad). well I install it and guess what … the sqlplus.exe was searched for OCI.dll, but in my folder I had only oci.dll. on windows this is he same, but for people familiar with Unix is obvious that these files are different. so what I did is to copy oci.dll to OCI.dll
so my C:\ORA\BIN directory looking like:

glogin.sql (file from SQL*Plus package)
msvcr71.dll (Required from Sql*Plus at startup)
Orasqlplusic10.dll (file from SQL*Plus package)
sqlplus.exe (file from SQL*Plus package)

and as you can see there are 2 files oci and OCI.
This trick solve my problem and now I have perfect tool for DBA.

17 thoughts on “How to run Toad under Ubuntu using Wine

  1. Özhan

    I have tried Toad 9.1 with wine on Ubuntu. It is not working successfully. When you press F4 on an database object Toad crashes. I want to now which versions of Toad are working successfully with wine on Ubuntu or other Linux Os.


  2. Juan ManueL

    Hi Thanks for your post!, It was very useful, but I get a problem running TOAD (v8.6) the Error is:

    fixme:ntdll:find_reg_tz_info Can’t find matching timezone information in the registry for bias 180, std (d/m/y): 16/03/2008, dlt (d/m/y): 19/10/2008
    fixme:shell:FileIconInit (true)
    fixme:win:LockWindowUpdate (0×2004c), partial stub!
    fixme:win:LockWindowUpdate ((nil)), partial stub!
    fixme:win:LockWindowUpdate (0×2004c), partial stub!
    fixme:win:LockWindowUpdate ((nil)), partial stub!

    Any idea ? Thanks for your help.

  3. Nik Chankov Post author

    Well, it’s quite old article… but last time when I used oracle I preferred SQLDeveloper. It was quite fine for development and administration /based on my experience/ but this was an year ago, fo probably it is even better.

  4. Nik Chankov Post author

    What you have to do in Step 11 is that you need to go to C:\ORA\BIN in your Wine drive and to make a shortcut or just to copy the oci.dll and to save it as OCI.dll

    That’s what I meant.

  5. Nik Chankov Post author

    Well, can’t help much… as you can see this post is quite old, and I didn’t work with Toad for a long time. You can try to use old version of instantClient which I’ve mentioned above.

  6. Tariq

    I this file,ToadforOracleXpertEdition_95.exe
    which when i try to install using your given instructions set, i get following error “Unable to Access Installation files” what should i do now

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