Komodo – My editor in Ubuntu

since I start using Ubuntu from version 6.06 I had problems finding the proper editor fitting my needs and having similar features like UltraEdit. So I tried all provided by default from standart Ubuntu installation: Ajunta, BlueFish, Screem, but no one match my requirements and I start using gEdit. not bad for simple operations, fast, but macros are applied only to file type: for example if you want to add HTML macro printing directly basic html structure of the document to a *.php file – you cant. It’s only for HTML files. Also suporting function sintax is not the first thing, which you can run on gEdit, but this was the reality – this editor suited me best.

Well a year ago I saw the Komodo Edit and I love it! it looking 99% the same as UltraEdit and also support Macros, there are Syntax Check etc.
Language integration is suported very well and there are hints about functions and their attributes.

What I miss is Code Inteligence API for CakePHP, because I am using that Flamework for building my latest projects. Let’s hope somebody will make cix file for it.

Probably in other posts I will mention about my projects. For now – that’s it

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