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The DeviceA week ago I received the new model of LG KE850. This is my first article about mobile devices and I can’t say that I am changing my mobile often, but I really like the new gadgets, so I will share mu opinion and experience for this device.

Apart from that “Prada” label which directly target this phone to women audience it’s really nice device for people which don’t have many requirements. To tell you the truth I searched through menus for woman’s monthly period callendar, but so far I didnt found. 🙂

So let’s continue more technical.
The phone is thin, really thin comparing with my “official” Sony Ericsson k800. Big wide screen thich give you good opportynity to watch movies and nice touchscreen are the real benefits of that phone.

I wont repeat many other sites for technicap parameters, so I will stick to the things which I noticed.

About the hardware:
The phone has very good leather case which prevent the screen from damages, but the plug for the charge/headset and all additional extras is in the place, that if you want to use it the phone need to be half way out of the case. This is pretty obvious and I dont know how the designers didnt make something for this. There are 2 ways to sort it: The difficult part is to move the plug at the top of the phone it will do the job, but it’s cost. The easiest and elegant way is to make some kind of hole in the case which will give oportunity to use the headset and to protect the screen in the same time.

About the software:
It’s intuitive and easy to use, but I tried to upload movie (*.mov) and I expected to see the file when I open the folder, but because this file type is not supported the it didn’t appear on the screen. I start thinking that I made something wrong like removing the usb before the file transfer finished, but I found that the file is there – it’s just invisible from the phone interface. I am thinking that for regular user this will be confusing, they should see the file but when they try to open, the application tell them it’s in wrong format.

The second thing is when I tried to install a Java Application on the phone – it’s DAMN slow. The app was 3Mb (a map inc images etc.) but on my SE it took max 3-5 min to be ready for use, in LG it took 15-20 min. it’s radiculous. The strangest thing is that I haven’t seen the phone which don’t ask me where to install the application. I have almost empty microSD card, but the application was installed on the phone drive, which is small. I didnt find way Install applications on the memory card.

What I missed in that phone is qwerty keyboad. That wide screen is designed for this, but instead of this I have the standart 10 key keyboad with (abc, def) groups, designers, the screen is wide and touchscreen, this should ring the bell!

Another thing is that it’s not possible easily to turn the screen especialy for applications like map it’s very usefull. it’s possible only for movies and images.

Generally speaking this phone is for women it’s shiny and fashion, but I wont reccoment it for the primary phone.

One day after I got it I given it to my girlfriend and she is happy. In fact we are both happy. I am not using it and she is fashion!

Images of the phone here

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