ClickHeat – track user’s clicks on your web site

Today … is the first day after my trip in Greece. Well it’s hard to be in good mood after a holiday and I couldn’t code as fast as I want for these first days, but this is another story.

I would like to share here some information about a marketing tool which I just saw. It’s called ClickHeat.
What is the main purpose of that tool? People which using already Google Analytics could see many things which are the same, but in fact there are differences which I am going to mention.

The benefits:

  • The application is installed on your server, so you shouldn’t wait link to the Google server etc;
  • Instead of how many clicks are happened on the specific link that tool display you that Heat Map where exactly is the click. With this you can easily track if that link is positioned right, or you have to move it a little bit higher or lower;
  • You could have more detailed split down by Screen Resolution, Browser Version and Time Range;

Of course compared to Google Analytics this tool is only small bit from Google’s features, but the power here is that it’s more focused on the specific area which could be very good for Website optimization.

Although midphase is known as a cheap web hosting service, it is much more reliable then powweb.

These guys are doing a damn good tool!

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