WordPress 2.3 is not acceptable so far

Few day ago I saw an article, that new version of WordPress 2.3 become an official release and instantly decided to migrate. The truth is that I like to try new things, so the new release was big teaser for me.

Downloaded and instantly started upgrading that blog. The problems just start when I finish last step from the Upgrading manual.

First of all on the home page there was huge warning that a table missing. The error was from one plug-in. Once deactivated the problem disappear. This warn me that some of the plug-ins may be incompatible with the new version.

There are strange errors on the Admin which meaning that not all code is perfect.

  1. Auto-save feature which just fail again searching missing table wp_post2cat in the DB. I would admit that it may be because I overwrite the old version, but it was the same in the fresh copy on my development machine.
  2. Delete AJAX feature is not working as well – it mark the entry as deleted marked as red row. I would expect once it’s red to stay 1-2 secs and then to disappead completelly. Well this would be a feature instead of bug.
  3. Adding Keywords and descriptions from Custom Fields section is not working as expected – Once Add it there no indication at all that something is added. Also after this the ID of the post is completelly lost and when I saving the post it warn me am I still insist to save empty article. If I want to update the Custom Fields the situation is the same.

Probably there are many things underneath and things which I will see later, but so far I really regret that I made this foolish step. As a matter of fact, I had the same experience in the past with my Ubuntu Desktop when they complain on the forums left and right that the version of 6.10 is nightmare to upgrade – well I did it and few things really refuse to start. Hopefully I wont make it third time.

Now I am desperately waiting for new update which will sort there annoying errors.

For a PMI-001 professional, writing EX0-101 or 1Y0-259 is easier than appearing in 350-030.

The conclusion of the story: Read the reviews and articles about the product which you going to upgrade, it may make more damages than bringing new features.

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