TokBox – Who need video conferencing anymore

Today I found very interesting site today which I want to share my impressions from it. It’s called TokBox. The main functionality of this site is video conference and video messaging.

Once you register /it’s very easy because you don’t need any e-mail confirmation/ you see your own tokbox interface which offering:

Video Mail section which give you ability to record, playback what you just recorded, and send Video Mail to an e-mail or group of e-mails.
There are 3 ways of doing it

  • Direct – typing the e-mail addresses comma separated
  • Import from you favourite web-mail service – you have an option to choose between Yahoo mail,Gmail, MSN or even to import them from LinkedIn
  • Get your TokBox contacts

It’s also possible to send a short message under the video.

TokBox Logo

The second feature is the ability to create video conference in real time with another person which also has Video and audio set. It’s working like messenger call – You send a short URL to your frien or colleague and once he activate the button “Call” you receive an indication that both sides are ready for this. It’s very convenient because it’s better to have such invitation rather that searing you friend without his knowledge.
The small problem which I notice was the strange intonation of the “chatters” – My voice sounds like I am breeding air from helium balloon, and I hear the voice from the other side like Dart Vader talking to me. It’s really funny, but it’s ridiculous to make business talks with these intonations.

The third feature is the ability to embed the tokbox into your web page, blog or even in your social networking. It’s very useful if you providing online support and especially if you can say hi to your visitor’s. I hope this service to become more and more popular. The benefit is that you don’t need to install anything on your machine – you need to have simple browser supporting flash technology.

Here is my video room call me:

Get your own TokBox at

15 thoughts on “TokBox – Who need video conferencing anymore

  1. Nik Chankov Post author

    Hi Symbian, it’s one to one chat and Video Messaging service, for sure it’s not public video chat. I am not involved in the project. I just wrote a review. You can easily register and give a try, like I did.


  2. imo staff

    Hey blogger,

    We are excited to announce the launching of a new feature on”Video chat! Video chat allows you to communicate with your friends through video and audio. There are absolutely no downloads necessary, as this is all web-based. Please send feedback or comments about our new feature to

    We would appreciate it if you would write up a blog posting for us, and we look forward to answering any of your questions.

    Thank you!
    imo staff

  3. Amy

    […]mm interesting. Well it says it ???lets you video chat???, but it still doesn??™t specify whether you can actually HOST it.[…]

  4. Nik Chankov Post author

    @Amy – I am not 100% of the time online and also I don’t use Tokbox so much. About hosting – it’s hosted on the TokBox site. you don’t need to install or run any application on your PC except browser with flash plug in in top – it’s simple.

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