Looking through Mozilla’s Prism

Today I found an article, that Mozilla released a new project which aims to bring web apps to the desktop. The code name for the new project is Prism.

… a XULRunner based application that allows to run single web applications in an isolated environment without all the navigation, configuration and much other user interface browsers typically feature.

The project is based on WebRunner which is stripped version of the browser. With Prism will be possible to create a Desktop look and feel applications from a regular web based apps.

For me this kind of project will be very helpful and I am so excited. Sometimes we’ve build web apps and we try to mimic the OS controlls, but working in the browser it give a feeling that it’s not something from your computer, it’s not a serious application /which some times it’s not true/.

Imagine that you can install all user’s web apps which they used day-to-day in the office as well as web mails, web calendars, twitter, meebo and other “important” for the job suff on their desktop. Regular users still think and prefer to think desktop style. For them it will be more easy if they have all their stuff as shortcuts on their desktops and they doesn’t need to remember all those scary urls /and I seriously thinking that there are some people with IE shortcuts on their desktops with urls like maul.ru or gmail.com :)/. For them it will be pleasure and they will love you! I am sure about this.

There will be Prism Application Launch Bar as well, which will collect the web apps, just like the Quick Launch Bar. Prism web apps will follow all usual desktop apps behaviours like Control+Tab, minimize, maximize, close etc. The team also thinking for integration of Prism in Mozilla, so once you have Mozilla browser, you will have also the prism in your computer.

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