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Social Bookarks == TV

Social Bookmarks CloudI agree with some of my friends that TV is wasting of time. It’s time consuming process when you can see some parts of information/entertaintment between the commercials, because the main content of every TV is the Commercials – that’s how they survive. I could say also that watching TV is really addictive thing – you following series, shows, realities all that stuff and in the end you learned nothing except that some guy win a prize or another one get lost in an iceland etc.

If you calculate your time in front of television every day and multiply by days in a year I think you will realize how many hours from your life you spent in this “activity”.

I can show my statistics: I am in front of the TV at least 1-2 hours a day mainly from 9-11 PM. I could say that in the weekends I spend a little bit more, so I can presume that average is 2 hours. if we multiply per days of the year it’s 730 hours yearly. Divided by 24 and I can see that there are 30 days in a year when I do nothing than watching. It’s 1/12-th of the year! Waste of time indeed.

I think that Social Bookmarking Networks /SBN/ are the same as TV. Why?

Because in SBN you don’t spend time on watching commercials, but at least 2/3 of the news are not related to your inerests, so you just read the title, but it’s a waste of time, isn’t it? They are also addictive, because I always wanted to know is there something new around and I open my RSS reader more than checking my e-mails. If you reading more than one SBN as me, you will notice that some stories are the same, just the author populate the story in all other networks /I am watching 2 SBN – and so far and I believe that people probably participate in more/. My experience show me that I spent at least 1-2 hours daily for browsing and following links and reading stories. If we apply the statistic from above, it’s a really big period in a year – whole 2 months. If we subtract all other things like sleeping, eating, traveling to the work and other life supporting things we end up with very small amount of productive time.

I will try hardly to reduce this time as much as possible.

I would really like to know how you manage to balance between consumer and producer during your day.

New Job Opportunities at Blogtronix

My friends from Blogtronix inform me that they have great opportunities in their company and because I think that the company is quite stable and serious I would publish their openings here. Hopefully I would help to both sides. 🙂

The offer:

Company Info:
Blogtronix is a social media platform for Enterprise 2.0 communication. We provide a single, unified system that includes blogs, wikis, and social networking. Unlike other companies, we are able to offer a product that’s easy to use, scalable and can be delivered either on-demand or as a software. We’re equipped with a rich feature set that includes vlogging, podcasting, flash as well as a fully customizable interface. Our applications range from corporate in-house collaboration to global user created networks.
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