My experience with Windows Vista

Linux vs. WindowsWhen I started my new job as I mentioned earlier, I got brand new laptop – Lenovo 3000 n200. The machine is quite powerful, but unfortunately it show a defect in the beginning – halted unexpected on OS start and because I throw the wrapping box, the supplier refused to change the machine with new and they suggest to repair it /In fact this is the second reason why I was so quiet last month ;)/.

Quite strange practice – to keep the wrapping box. Imagine what we should do with other desktops, printers, servers and even a rack, if we need to keep all these boxes in the office!!!

So, I had to return it and now I am using a spare machine with Windows Vista Home Edition installed on it. Well, during these almost three weeks I decided to write about my experience with Windows after almost 2 years on Ubuntu Linux.

First of all I realized that there is no good or bad OS – everything is about habit – if you working on Windows, Linux or Mac this is the best OS. There is no doubt.

Here I would like to make a list with things which I dislike in Windows and things which I miss in Ubuntu, because from my point of view Linux is the best OS so far. 😀

What I dislike in Windows:

  • Windows is empty box – there is nothing installed in it except few Manufacturer Apps, and Microsoft Office Evaluation version which more irritate than encourage people to buy it. While in Ubuntu with the installation you are ready to go – you have office suite, messengers, sound and video tools etc.
  • Windows is quite slow while loading – you need to wait Sidebar for Gadgets, Finger print software, some Warnings for blocked applications etc. /God bless Hibernate and Sleep modes/ 😀
  • Windows interface – it’s changed so much from the version which I used, so it was hard to find simple things like – how to show file extensions in directory view or how to find Environment variables interface – they are just moved in different places from XP or older versions of Windows.
  • Windows is buggy – two weeks on this machine and I have few applications crashed while loading – somehow I managed to screw up even FireFox which show me strange error at the beginning.
  • I miss very much the alternative clipboard while selecting some text in Linux
  • I hate new phonetic layout of the keyboard /non English user could understand/

What things I miss from Windows in my Ubuntu:

  • Copy&Paste – in Windows they working no matter what language selection you use, while in Linux if you use keyboard layout different than English, most of the times Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V doesn’t working and you need to switch the language. Non English speakers know what I mean ;).
  • Internet Explorer comes by default 😀 – although I install FireFox immediately after I start using this machine it’s nice to test pages with native IE.
  • Buttons without icons … I always missed this in Linux – on every theme, near to each button OK or Cancel there are green check and red X and I hate it.

The conclusion – Windows is good, but Linux is better 😀

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