Year 2007 – Recap

Happy New 2008 YearHere I will describe all my achievements during this year. I will write about my targets for the next year and I put some notes of my vision about IT world as well.

It’s end of the year and everybody make recap of the things which he/she did during this whole year. So here is my list of achievements:

  1. CakePHP Framework – at the beginning of the year I started with Cake and I didn’t stop baking so far. This framework fit perfectly for my needs and do things easily – that’s why I like it.
  2. Completed 3 or 4 projects written completely in CakePHP – This was the best learning curve for me – to use the framework in practice.
  3. Created few code snippets /helpers and behaviours/ posted in this Blog.
  4. Get experienced with various Javascript libraries such as, Prototype, ExtJS, MooTools – They coming with the needs of neat user interface in most of my projects.
  5. Start writing my own blog – this is my first attempt for blogging – I never believed that it’s a pleasure to write articles and to help with them to other people. I definitely will continue blogging next year. So far there are 37 posts /including this one/
  6. Register my own company – unfortunately it’s frozen due to my position in Insch Quotient, but I have great plans for it.
  7. Changed the company – I was in my previous company since summer of 2002, so this is a big event for me. Now I am CTO in Insch Quotient Company, based in Bulgaria.
  8. Experienced with SEO – Get participated in Bulgarian SEO contest and during it my page were floated between 44-56 position in Google. Well it’s not first page, but this was my first attempt and the results in Google where more than 800 000.
  9. Get more and more addicted to Ubuntu OS – which mean also more experienced in it. In fact as I written in a post here – I can’t survive very long with Windows Vista indeed.
  10. Get experienced as team leader – I can’t be 100% sure, but I hope I am getting better and better 😀

Future plans for year 2008:

  1. Complete all my project ideas which are still in my head – including a game, a Social Networking Add-on /or separate project – still clearing the concept/ and few other online projects.
  2. Create at least one project with CakePHP as back end and a JavaScript framework as front end /i.e. ExtJS – I really enjoy with it/
  3. To create more add-ons for Cake which I will publish here – in my blog. I have at least one behaviour and one article in my drafts 😉
  4. To get Insch Quotient start earning money – the company is brand new and we still need to prove our self on the market.
  5. To complete more projects than previous year.
  6. To have more responsibilities especially in leading people – I really like challenges.
  7. Keep writing my blog

No services gives a web hosting deal as great as bluehost and hostgator.

Some predictions for the IT world /more wishes than predictions/:

  • iPhone 2-nd Generation
  • 2 new releases of Ubuntu – well this is not a prediction :D. More users switched from windows to Ubuntu /or at least to Open source software/
  • More semantic web sites
  • Multiple column layout supported by IE – there are already some articles which giving some hope for IE8
  • Many apps written with Javascript frameworks such as ExtJS, qooXdoo etc.
  • CakePHP will release 1.2 stable. The team will start thinking for CakePHP v.2
  • PHP6 – Probably as first beta or alpha, but it will be good if PHP team close PHP4 for good
  • Faster computers and heavy OS 😀

So this is from me for this year.

Happy New Year!

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