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Powered by WordPress 2.5

Finally WordPress 2.5 is out and I was encouraged from some blog authors that upgrading doesn’t make any damage to the content or the entire site and voilà – it’s true. I could say – easy like written with CakePHP /couldn’t resist/ :).

Now the admin area is quite different and it’s a little bit confusing at this moment, but I like the new design. The upgrade option is awesome – instead of downloading to user’s machine and then uploading to the server with one click you could upgrade your plug-in versions on the fly.

So far all plug-ins are working correctly so far. Here is the list which I am using at the moment:

  • All in One SEO Pack
  • CodeColorer
  • Counterize II
  • Cryptographp
  • DiggBadger
  • GöSPress
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Pagebar2
  • Twitter Tools
  • WP-Polls
  • WP-ContactForm
  • WordPress Code Editor
  • and few others which are not used very much

Security Issue in CakePHP

I notice this recently when we start creating the security component of a project. The best way to explain the issue is to give an example:

Imagine that in your application you create an action “edit profile” where each user can change his personal details for the account. If course there will be fields for changing user’s real name, password, email etc., but the username field should be readonly.

The direct approach to create such page is to reuse “edit” action of the user’s controller, but instead of getting the ID from the url, it need to be fetched from the session’s auth variable. The second thing which you have to do is to remove “username” field from the view and you are done. 🙂 Well, fast and easy, but not very secured…
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I always liked such sites. Probably there are a lot of them out there, but recently I found that one – and within 2 weeks I found that they upgrade the service and it become very advanced.

With few words – is a online service which give you ability to build comics by drag and drop elements from the gallery. The features which I like in it:

  • ability to create your own characters
  • ability to change character’s mimic and body position
  • ability to upload images
  • ability to draw your gestures
  • ability to edit previous created comics

There a lot more things.

This also inspire me to start my own comics blog. You can find my “art” at

Hope you enjoy it.

Filtering component for your tables

Update: The version of the component here could be outdated. Please get the actual version of the component from GitHub

Well, probably you wont believe me, but I wrote whole 3 pages while I realized that it’s so long and probably this is not the right way /and definitely it’s not easy/, so I scratched everything and start over.

It’s been quite long time since I post an article for CakePHP so here it is – shiny brand new post 🙂

This post is more a method how to make filtering, rather a rocket science component, because it’s possible to be used even without extra classes /helpers and components/, but I will post a component which will tune the functionality.

So what is all about? Have you ever miss a filtering functionality in your index actions? Well I really miss it 🙂

What is the best technique to make filter?
In this example there is a controller Countries which handle the countries in the application. table contain 3 columns, ID, NAME and CODE. Code column is numeric in this example and it’s not following any real naming or country convention.
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