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Recently I had a chat with my hosting provider because my blog uses a lot resources especially when users access the blog feed url. The situation was: my site uses up to 37% processor resource while I am allowed to use up to 1% for 24 hours. It’s quite a lot, ah? 🙂 WordPress is a monster.

Anyway, I’ve been advised to use service as well as to use WP-Cache plug-in.

So this post is just to nortify you that my new feed url is: This should not damage old subscriptions, because I’ve installed FeedSmith plug-in as well.

One thought on “Subscribed to Feedburner

  1. Daniel Hofstetter

    I would be careful with WP-Cache. At least on my blog it had had the side effect that if someone added a comment, the comment wasn’t shown immediately. And that’s annoying 😉

    (to be fair, I didn’t dig much into the configuration of WP-Cache to figure out how to resolve it, it was easier to disable the plug-in)

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