Monthly Archives: June 2008

Yet Another Multicolumn Layout (YAML)

Today I found a nice CSS framework which claim to solve the multi-column layout issues which everyone of us meet during the construction of the web site design.

Actually I am speaking about YAML – Yet Another Multicolumn Layout. At first time I mix it with, but actually it’s a different thing. It’s a set of CSS files + few image files which would sort the issues with multi-column layouts.

The benefit is the availability of good documentation and nice examples.

Hope you found it helpful. – nice interface for


Long time I haven’t post anything about external sites in my blog. Well, this will be changed with that post 🙂

I am writing about a new Book store which I found over the daily browsing over social networks, but I was really amazed, so I decided to share it.

So the web site is and it’s just interface to the Amazon site. The interesting part is not the content /well there are a lot of interesting titles/, but the interface provided from the store.

Instead of usual tables and lists of books in all book are structured as in a real book store in shelves. There is one quite nice video tutorial on how to use the book store, so users wont be confused using the in the site.

I suspect that they using the engine of Google Maps, or at least it’s very similar, because all actions remembers me the Google service.

Hope I intrigued you and you would visit that amazing book store.

Becomming an entrepreneur

Ok, after almost a month and a half doing some off-line stuff such as repairing my apartment, I am back in the online business. There is one big difference after this period – I quit my daily job and I decided to become a freelancer/entrepreneur.

Why I did this?

Well, this was planned form a long time ago and I think it’s normal in the professional evolution – to try to be independent, to try to do things which you like and not, because you should do them. Probably there will be voices saying – well, doing your own business you have more responsibilities. Yes, it’s true, now I wont have 1 employer, but I will have all my clients, but this also give you a freedom to plan and to accept tasks depending from your mood and availability.

Anyway, I feel optimistic and really think this step need to happen sooner or later. The time will show am I right or not.

What is the first think which I should do?

This I think it’s an important step following the first one – the decision.
So far I did a freelance work, but I never try to find such work. With other words most of the projects comes from my friends and people which I’ve worked in the past and knowing my skills. I never had a portfolio /at least serious one/, I never had website showing what I can do and what I could provide to my potential clients. So, this is the first step. Some marketing materials need to be produced. It’s true that no one can buy you and your services, without knowing your previous work or at least without seeing what you can do.

This also mean that I will have more time to update my blog by adding more content related to CakePHP, because I will use this framework in the future as well.

So, that’s it, if there are people which could share their opinion with entrepreneurship I am glad to listen their advises. 🙂