Monthly Archives: February 2009

New hosting for this blog

Hi guys,

if someone tell you that it’s easy to start writing in your blog after looong break – it’s a lie 🙂

Just wanted to say that this blog was moved to a new host. It was long time planned, but I’ve always delayed. The reason for movement according to the hosting provider was, that it exceeds the limit of the CPU time. For me a blog with less than 100 posts should not be such BIG problem…

Here is the stats of CPU usage from my account.

2009-02-18:      27.45
2009-02-19:      26.60
2009-02-20:      24.21
2009-02-21:      20.22
2009-02-22:      23.40
2009-02-23:      28.73

For me is really strange, and because the current host is really my server where I have control over all resources I will check what caused this load.

Anyway, the guys from the hosting company where really kind and supportive, and even proposed to pay me some compensation about this inconvenience, so it was (and still is) pleasure to work with them.

That’s it.