New plug-in for spam protection

Today I found quite nice plug-in for WordPress pretending that it will block at least 90% of the spam attempts. Quite ambitious indeed, but the time will show.

The general idea is that this plug-in adds a stylesheet to your blog’s html source code. When a browser loads that stylesheet a cookie is dropped. If that user then leaves a comment the cookie is checked. If it doesn’t exist the comment is marked as spam.

Installation is just plug-activate-play. Let’s see what will happen.

The plug-in details page: Cookies for Comments
The authors page: Donncha O Caoimh

3 thoughts on “New plug-in for spam protection

  1. jeff

    Something needs to be done with people using high advanced spamming tools like Xrumer 5.0 This software will spam millions of blogs and forums overnight. How can we stop this?

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