Adding notification when new order arrives. Magento

It’s very common practice the administrators to get notification mail when a new order is placed on the shop. Here is how to activate this feature in Magento for free (there is paid Admin Notification Module as well):

Log in into admin area, then go to System->Configuration menu. Scroll down to Sales section and click on the Sales Emails and select the first section Orders. Enter your admin e-mail in the field “Send Order Email Copy To”.

And here comes the tricky one 🙂 Select the option “Separate email” from the “Send Order Email Copy Method” field. I don’t know why, but if it’s selected “Bcc”, the e-mail to the admin wasn’t send.

It’s possible that this is fixed in the versions above 1.2.x, but I haven’t tested.

hope this helps someone.

30 thoughts on “Adding notification when new order arrives. Magento

  1. Simon


    I have a slight problem with this. Its funny but I never get the admin emails when an order is placed. Instead I always wait for the PayPal email or just have a look in the dashboard.

    email copies are sent as “separate email” and not as “Bcc”.


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  3. Nico


    thanks for sharing this tip, but I havea slightly different problem and maybe you can help or have an idea.

    When I’m enabling the ordermail system-> configuration -> Sales Email -> Order
    both the customer and the admin get the same email.

    But I just want the admin to get the email because theres another backend sending the emails to the customer.

  4. Andreas Weigelt - Edredones para Cunas

    hello nik, thanks for the tip. will try it out, for the moment I am still struggling with the “normal” email notifications. my question is: by default, who is mgento sending an email to when an order is placed? I am recieving none… thanks for help,. andreas

  5. Joel

    Very odd that the BCC option didnt work. I have changed it as you suggested and now its working. Thanks for the tip!

  6. agam garg

    Hello nik,

    nik you give a simple solution to this problem but here is one more problem.
    before select separate email option email was sent to customer but not to admin but after select this it’s just doing opposite….now email are send to admin but not to customer

    pls give some solution

  7. Jagesh


    This post is very useful to me.but now i am in critical situation.
    that means now the sales emails are not controled by admin.the files are hardcoded.
    i dont know how to change sender id in that mail.
    i searched all files but no use.
    can you tell,which file sending shipping mails.i want to edit that mail function.please help

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  9. fozla

    hi, i got different problem, there are some order confirmation email are not sent to customer and admin, nearly 40% order confirmation email are not sent.
    any idea please, since 2 weeks struggling to solve this issue,


  10. Sam

    Hi, thanks for that, it seems to be working great…only….my trade site will not send me order notifications, why is that??

  11. Mubashar

    Thanks a lot Man, I was very upset due to this issue but after reading your article i fixed this issue. Very very helpful. You save a lot of time. Hope new updates from you.

    Warm Regards

  12. Neeraj

    Thanks,This is helpful for me.
    Can you please tell me how can I enable this for user? I mean after placing order admin receives notification but user doesn’t get any notification.

  13. Akexis

    Rad! I’d been fighting with this for hours yesterday. I wonder why the BCC isn’t working?

    Now on to figure out why the one page checkout won’t let new customers register. >.<

    You saved me a headache.

  14. rebecca

    We have our admin in the bcc field and receive copies of the order confirmation emails fine. However, I now need to also bcc another email address for collecting reveiws – how do I do this. I tried adding the second address in the bcc field but it won’t work, although it is still sending them to our admin???

  15. Oliver Schörwerth

    Hi Rebecca,

    I know the comment is over two years old, but it might help other with the same problem.
    You can setup a admin notification for new reviews with the Notify module. You also can setup any other notifications or reports (daily, weekly or monthly) with it. It can be downloaded here:
    You’ll find a detailed description here:

    A simple example how to implement a notification for ANY event in your shop you can find here:

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