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Problem with mysql_real_escape_string when Sanitize your data.

When building applications is always smart to check and clean the user input. This is a must when you building a website or public application.

I create always an instance of Sanitize class in my AppController and then using it in all of my controllers like this
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Book review – JQuery 1.3 with PHP – Packt Publishing

jQuery 1.3 with PHP book
At the end of last year I received a request from PacktPub to review one of their books – JQuery 1.3 with PHP written by Kae Verens. There were some problem with delivery of the paper copy of the book, so finally I got an electronic copy.

This book will teach you how to use jQuery to create some really stunning effects,
but without you needing to have in-depth knowledge of how jQuery works. It
provides you with everything you need to build practical user interfaces, for
everything from graphics manipulation and drag-and-drop to data searching, and
much more. The book also provides practical demonstrations of PHP and jQuery and
explains these examples, rather than starting from how JavaScript works and how it
is different from PHP.

The book is separated into 10 Chapters.
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