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jQuery 1.3 with PHP book
At the end of last year I received a request from PacktPub to review one of their books – JQuery 1.3 with PHP written by Kae Verens. There were some problem with delivery of the paper copy of the book, so finally I got an electronic copy.

This book will teach you how to use jQuery to create some really stunning effects,
but without you needing to have in-depth knowledge of how jQuery works. It
provides you with everything you need to build practical user interfaces, for
everything from graphics manipulation and drag-and-drop to data searching, and
much more. The book also provides practical demonstrations of PHP and jQuery and
explains these examples, rather than starting from how JavaScript works and how it
is different from PHP.

The book is separated into 10 Chapters.

The first chapter covers the some basic terms and concepts about PHP, JavaScript and JQuery. In this chapter author explain also why he chosen jQuery for JS framework.

The second chapter show some examples of Ajax content manipulation such as Multiple Selects, Quick delete and In-line editing. All these examples uses Ajax calls. Both client side and server side codes are shown and explained very well.

The third chapter covers usage of Tabs and Accordions from jQuery UI.

The forth chapter covers the forms and form validation plug-ins. This is the essential part of each web based application – dealing with forms and field validation.

The fifth chapter explain the file management and file and directory manipulation. In this chapter file move, file upload, directory creation and deletion are covered.

The sixth chapter show show to make your own Calendar application by jquery-week-calendar plug-in – adding, editing, deleting events and all other event manipulation things which every modern calendar App should do. Also this chapter covers modal dialogs and datepicker plugin  – also quite essential element in current web interfaces.

The seventh chapter explain how to manipulate images – cropping, resizing and rotating images.

The eight chapter show how to use Drag and Drop, sorting and connecting two or lists

The ninth chapter explain how to manipulate table data – sorting, filtering and pagination through Ajax. This is also one of the important elements in web application development.

The last tenth chapter explain how to optimize your code. There are some good advises for optimizing the user experience, the development, and some methods of speeding up scripts and loading time.

In conclusion

This book is more programmer than designer oriented. The UI is very basic, but the code examples are very good explained. It’s really focused on jQuery-with-PHP (as is the name of the book in fact :)).

It’s not a boring book to read and it’s written in a way most tutorials on the web are written. It looks as if the author is telling you how to do things, instead of only showing.

I could say that this book is really good source of UI techniques which are essential in modern web applications. Although there aren’t complete web applications this book gives very good start point for web developers who want to improve their applications and sites with Ajax functionalities. I would recommend this book to every developer who is still wondering which JS framework he should use and to everyone who want to learn how to use Ajax in your application.

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