New version of Autocompleter plugin

I’ve just updated the wordpress plugin called Autocompleter with a new version.

From now on you can change the type of the results in the autocomplete options. The available options are:

  • Categories and Tags (default)
  • Tags only
  • Categories only
  • Posts and Pages titles
  • Posts titles only
  • Pages titles only

Result types can be changed from the admin page of the plugin.

The change has been made, because there were many requests for such types of results and I finally decided to implement them in the official version of the plugin.

If you use it already, just press upgrade automatically, or visit the official page of the plugin.

6 thoughts on “New version of Autocompleter plugin

  1. Rafael França

    Congratulations .. Very good plugin ..

    Just found a problem when using an ‘input’ with ‘padding ‘, the boxes with the text, return the size of the ‘input’ without the ‘padding’.

    Otherwise, the script is perfect ..


  2. Nik Chankov Post author

    Hi Rafael,

    in case you still wondering how to do this – just edit the autocomplete.css (in the plugin folder) or just overwrite the css in the WP template. Just check what selectors are used in the plugin’s css. 🙂

  3. Trent

    May I ask for help? Can you please tell me what modification need to be done to autocomplete other searches besides the standard wordpress search?

    i am using a theme for job searching and it has a ‘job location’ search field on the home page.
    How do i make it autocompelte the job location field as a website visitor types?

    Many thanks for your reply, the plugin looks promising 🙂

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