Monthly Archives: November 2011

How to Effectively Deploy Call Center Software

An important component of the modern work environment is the call center. Finding ways to effectively implement a software application to enhance the productivity of employees is critical to improving customer satisfaction.
After choosing a call center software that will meet a business’s need, the next step is to effectively deploy the application.
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How Converged Networks Will Revolutionize Telecommunications

Phone calls aren’t what they used to be. The antiquated system of wires and telephones that once crisscrossed the country becomes increasingly irrelevant as more companies and consumers switch to voice calling over data networks.

Called Voice over IP, this technology uses high speed Internet connections, private networks and internal LANs to deliver enhanced telephone services at a lower price. Very soon, data networks will handle nearly three-quarters of all phone calls. As different types of networks converge, they soon will handle almost every form of communication.
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