How to Effectively Deploy Call Center Software

An important component of the modern work environment is the call center. Finding ways to effectively implement a software application to enhance the productivity of employees is critical to improving customer satisfaction.
After choosing a call center software that will meet a business’s need, the next step is to effectively deploy the application.


Some considerations for integrating the program into the workforce is the time needed to get the system up and running and the hardware requirements to support the software. A critical aspect of an effective and successful installation is anticipating the amount of traffic that will be generated from using the program. Make sure to take the time to review the specifications of the call center application to prevent any unexpected headaches.

Server capabilities

The next consideration in deploying a robust software solution for a call center is to decide upon a single server or dual server environment. In a single server network, the program must reside on the same computer as the web server. This will require a computer that can meet these processing demands. In a dual server environment, the web server can be located on a different computer. This will help offset some of the processing requests on the computer and free up the application server for the needs of the call center. For larger organizations, this would be the recommendation. Smaller shops may be able to reduce costs by combining both services on one machine.

Server configurations

After making the decision as to which type of hardware environment will best support the application, the actual software installation can begin. Before placing the call center software on the server, the web server must be installed and correctly configured. Test to make sure that the web server works properly before proceeding to add the call center program to prevent any complications. Once the web server has been verified to work correctly, follow the guidelines to install the call center program. Typically, the application will make the necessary changes to integrate within the web server, reducing the amount of changes that need to be made manually. Once the application has completed installation, reboot the machine if necessary and restart the web server.


After a successful installation process, the final step is to make sure that all services required by the call center program have been started. Check the running processes on the machine to ensure that each service has begun. If you find any part of the program not operating correctly, check the user interface of the software and start any missing components. Test the deployment to resolve any outstanding issues. Once the program is working correctly, begin to add the users and assign passwords so that the workforce can begin to use the system. It may be wise to try it out with a few select power users before allowing everyone to access the system. A tiered approach will help find issues with the overall deployment.

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