Error: invalid XML tag syntax and Extplorer

A client of mine uses standalone version of Extplorer as Client section of his website. Because they are Studio for Printing materials, it’s normal, that their “production” is quite large as file size.

Recently they asked me to increase the max_upload_filesize to more than 4-5Gb. In the php.ini I’ve set max_upload_filesize=60G, but when someone try to login, it hangs and in the Firebug console it says “invalid XML tag syntax”.

The solution was to replace 60G with 6000G which is equivalent to ~6Gb. After that change the extplorer start working normally.

Hope this will help someone.

2 thoughts on “Error: invalid XML tag syntax and Extplorer

  1. Sanat Aria

    I am having trouble with submitting this master XML to google with 2 sub-sitemap.xml intact.
    When I submit it to search console for indexing, it gives me this error:

    Errors Invalid XML tag This tag was not recognized. Please fix it and resubmit. Parent tag: urlset Tag: sitemap

    any suggestions?

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