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Prestashop :: adding text blocks in the template

Here you can see how you can add html and text on various places of your template.

Presta is very good written e-commerce platform and class overwriing is piece of cake. So, here is the code:

1. Create a file under {presta_dir}/override/classes and name it Tools.php.
2. Copy and paste that code in the new file:

 * Tools override class

class Tools extends ToolsCore{
    public static function getPage($link_rewrite = null){
        global $cookie;
        $page = Db::getInstance()->getRow("SELECT * FROM "._DB_PREFIX_."cms_lang WHERE id_lang='".(int)($cookie->id_lang)."' AND link_rewrite LIKE '".$link_rewrite."'");
        return $page['content'];

Note: if you already have this file just copy only the function and place it inside the Tools class.

3. That’s it 🙂 Go and create a new CMS page under Prestashop Admin (Tools->CMS). Add a nice “friendly url” and put your your text in the body.
4. How to use the function in the template: Go to your template file files and insert the following code:


Don’t forget to delete the cache.

Conclusion: The code is not 100% MVC, but it’s working straight away. As benefit your texts will be multilingual, and especially when you need to put them on places where there is no hooks, This would save a lot of time and effort.

Hope this helps.

Deadline tool –

Over the weekend I had an idea and after day and a half (mostly spent in design) the final “product” is ready. It’s a tool for deadlines.

The idea: It came when I had tough conversation with a client of mine about some money which he owe. I wrote a short email notifing him that if he don’t pay within 2 weeks, we are stopping the supprt and cutting one of his main functionality (since he didn’t pay for it) of his app. And I was thinking: Woudn’t be nice to have a tool which could track the deadline like “You have 14 days, 23 Hours and 30 Minutes to pay is, otherwise – no support” – short and clear. Well this is what the Deadline tool is doing. Here it is:

The main functionaliy: At the first screen you need to select date and time then the deadline is reached as well as the target name and the task (message) which need to be completed. When you submit the form it will create a short url which is the actual counter. This url can be send to the target. - Deadline tool

You can also set target’s e-mail as well as yours. If you did it you will receive a mail with a link when the deadline is reached. so both parties will be notified. - Deadline tool

Few ideas for deadlines:

  • Set deadline for business client (like me :))
  • Set deadline to your roommate to move out
  • Set your personal deadline to reach some level of income, or career growth
  • Set deadline to your govermnent…

Or whatever you imagine. Please use this for fun mostly!