About me

Nik Chankov
My name is Nik Chankov. Currently I am entrepreneur and freelancer developer. My working experience is mainly related to Web technologies, so I could say that I am purely Web Developer. If you are interested for my work experience an my skills, take a look on my C.V.

About this site

This site was started for a joke, I just order chankov.net for fun, but after 1/2 year doing nothing with it I started this Blog. I am writing about Development issues, mainly about CakePHP Framework, but also for Ajax, Javascript Frameworks and other new technologies. My articles wont be cutting edge, but at least they are based on my experience so most of them will be with real examples. Hopefully they could help anybody.


Everybody can use all contents without any restriction, but I’d appreciate a notification mail, or comment in the post if somebody using it. Code from third-party software still retain any owner’s copyrights.

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You could easily contact me through Contact Page