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Nice to meet you, Lily

Today I’ve read about Lily. Lily is an open source, browser-based, visual programming environment written in JavaScript. It’s an XPI application which could be executed in Mozilla run-time and of course in FireFox browser.

This application uses JavaScript modules and there are already over 180 ready to be used including UI, Graphical and Sound, Math and various Web services from Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Flickr, Twitter and Digg. There is possibility to write your own modules which give you possibility to expand the functionalities depending from your needs. The applications written with Lily are stored in JSON files, so it is very convenient to exchange applications between users.

The biggest benefit of this application is that you literally connect functional blocks in order to “construct” the application. That’s why it is very intuitive and easy to be understand.

I’ve tried to create a math application and it run quite well. It’s extremely easy to make it, but it was a little bit hart to understand how to run it. Fortunately for every module there is nice and good help with examples written with Lily.

What I really like in this application and strongly recommend you to take a look on it.

Google Docs

Today Google just released the Google Docs and Spreadsheets. I was amazed of the usability and simplicity of the tool.

Briefly, there are Explorer/Navigator part, which users could sort and manage their files. The new features here are the Folder management, which is nothing new in the world, but it’s handy especially if you have lot of documents.
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Komodo – My editor in Ubuntu

since I start using Ubuntu from version 6.06 I had problems finding the proper editor fitting my needs and having similar features like UltraEdit. So I tried all provided by default from standart Ubuntu installation: Ajunta, BlueFish, Screem, but no one match my requirements and I start using gEdit. not bad for simple operations, fast, but macros are applied only to file type: for example if you want to add HTML macro printing directly basic html structure of the document to a *.php file – you cant. It’s only for HTML files. Also suporting function sintax is not the first thing, which you can run on gEdit, but this was the reality – this editor suited me best.

Well a year ago I saw the Komodo Edit and I love it! it looking 99% the same as UltraEdit and also support Macros, there are Syntax Check etc.
Language integration is suported very well and there are hints about functions and their attributes.

What I miss is Code Inteligence API for CakePHP, because I am using that Flamework for building my latest projects. Let’s hope somebody will make cix file for it.

Probably in other posts I will mention about my projects. For now – that’s it