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Text-Link-Ads know your password

I’ve been registered in TLA site long time ago. Since I start this Blog I put their ad here, but this was till now.

I really want to know I am the only person knowing my password, but unfortunately it’s not this way at least in TLA. Recently I wanted to login into my account at, but I had forgotten my password and I requested a new one with “Forgot password” feature from their site. I was really surprised, that instead a temporary string for new password, or activation link which will give me access to change my password, I received my password as plain text in my e-mail.
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Google Page Rank update

Google logoYesterday, I read an article about Page Rank and how Google “punished” some popular sites with “downgrading” their PR. This happened because they had external links without attribute rel=”nofollow”.

Today I saw that Google rated my site as well. It is my first page rank. I got PR 3 and now what? Shall I make a party? Shall I cry? No! It’s one digit which telling nothing to regular people.

I don’t care what Page Rank of this page is, because it’s not commercial, but probably for some commercial project it’s quite critical.
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Dapper - The data mapperI found this site clicking on the AdSense banner. It’s called and here I will explain what is this service. It’s quite strange to find a non-profit site in AdSense block /at least this is my experience so far/, but this is the truth. The first impression was that it has quite neat and clean design and I wanted to understand more about it.

So what I found? Dapper is a web 2.0 application which extract the specified content from a site and create information source /dapp/ and store it as XML, which could be used from third party applications and sites.

“Dapper is a groundbreaking service, allowing companies and developers to seamlessly interact with web content. Using Dapper, companies can focus on building new applications and added value, relying on the Dapper infrastructure to take care of their web integration needs.”
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TokBox – Who need video conferencing anymore

Today I found very interesting site today which I want to share my impressions from it. It’s called TokBox. The main functionality of this site is video conference and video messaging.

Once you register /it’s very easy because you don’t need any e-mail confirmation/ you see your own tokbox interface which offering:
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What kind of blogger are you?

I found interesting quiz while browsing IT articles today, shame I miss the opportunity to subscribe to that initiative Blog Action Day which hosts this quiz, but hopefully next year I will participate with many other geeks.

Looking in my blog articles /probably I am the most active reader of them ;)/ I found /curiously how/ that they are really, really serous, without any sense of humor and fun. Only tech articles and stuff which could make my image to look like strong technical guy /which in fact I am/, but there should be a little pinch of fun. Otherwise the blog will become more and more serious and one day people will expect from me to publish an API or even a Technical book otherwise my article wont fit to my profile.

So to let’s put some auto irony and to make my “image” public. Although some of the answers where “I am not exactly this but there is not better answer” here I am:
What Kind of Blogger Are You?

640-822 and 640-863 are the basic tests leading to advanced exams like 70-640 and 70-236 but a lot of 220-602 applicants don’t know about this.

What is yours “Image”?

ClickHeat – track user’s clicks on your web site

Today … is the first day after my trip in Greece. Well it’s hard to be in good mood after a holiday and I couldn’t code as fast as I want for these first days, but this is another story.

I would like to share here some information about a marketing tool which I just saw. It’s called ClickHeat.
What is the main purpose of that tool? People which using already Google Analytics could see many things which are the same, but in fact there are differences which I am going to mention.
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Ajax Examples and Demos Collection

Yesterday I found AjaxRain – Great collection with 600+ Ajax or Javascript code snipets and examples.
I like that site from the first look, because everything in it is clean, neat and usefull. I really like sites having visible preview of the functionality as well as direct link to the example – it just show you the code in action. Everyday there are few new snippets/examples so I think this is one of the good sources for Ajax or Javascript expiration.

Ajax Rain Site

Google Docs

Today Google just released the Google Docs and Spreadsheets. I was amazed of the usability and simplicity of the tool.

Briefly, there are Explorer/Navigator part, which users could sort and manage their files. The new features here are the Folder management, which is nothing new in the world, but it’s handy especially if you have lot of documents.
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Online Excel

Today a friend of mine sent me that EditGrid site. These guys really working hard. The interface working really neat and cover everything /everything that regular user needs on his work with a Grid/. As far I can see they loading part of the grid with Ajax and this way the application is not so heavy, as in other applications which load everything in one. The have also API to integrate with external applications/sites. Impressive!

Edit Grid