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CakePHP and Oracle – Handling CLOB fields

New year – new behaviour 😀

Everyone who had experience in Oracle and some frameworks /or at least ADO libs/ experienced the problem of ORA-01704: string literal too long. For the people who hadn’t pleasure to work with oracle – Oracle accept strings in SQL to be not longer than 4000 characters. I always had problems with this issue, because when the sting is too long you need to treat it with oracle variables and binding them in strange way /at least not with ordinary SQL/. The only way found so far is the solution of ADOdb library.
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How to run Toad under Ubuntu using Wine

Original Article is located here but unfortunately is in Spanish.

So let’s translate original article and I will put additional comments on it:

Step 1.) Installing wine
Wine is application which allow you to execute windows files on Unix enviroment. Because this article is for Ubuntu (my current version is 7.04) I assume that it’s installed, but if not, run the following command:
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