Autocomplete "Strict" Example with Scriptaculous

1. Wrong ID select

the user can select anything and it's possible to select also the wrong entry. They system will pass. This will be extremely incorrect if user select an entry and then change the choice by typing something in the field. The old entry will remain in the ID field and user will be mislead that he select something.

Auto complete: ID: Check:

2. Correct ID select with small limitation

User can select an entry, but if that entry is changed, the entry in autocomplete field will be removed. This way looking almost perfect, except if the user doesnt select anything from the dropdown, but just continue typing. This way he type something in the field but in fact he didnt select anything in the dripdown.

Auto complete: ID: Check:

3. Correct ID select

The same as previous example, but this time once there is a dropdown dislayed, the first entry will get the focus and will be selected. There is a nice autocomplete selection range in the autocomplete field.

This example was done with modified verssion of Scriptaculous library. The changes are already proposed to the comunity I am waiting to see if they accept them or not.

Auto complete: ID: Check:

What is the addition in my copy ot the library: I add a small modification in Autocompleter.onComplete function from developers it's just a option "selectFirst: true" which make the extra functionality which make differentiation between v.2 and v.3

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