OpenCart extensions

About Opencart: It is e-commerce platform which is designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface.

Instant Product Editor bestseller

Instant Product Editor extension is for shops with big number of products and big turnover where the prices and quantity are changed often. Instead of open each product and change the price, quantity, status and manu more, this module will give the possibility to update them directly from the product list.
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News / Extension and module

News extension & module is for shops who want to inform their users about some news related to the store, store products or some activities related to the store. The extension provide list of the news as well as news details page, while the News module can be placed somewhere on your layout. THis extension give your e-commerce site ability to provide fresh and meaningful content to your users and search engines.
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Coupon countdown banner

This module will create an interactive banner in the front-end with coupon code and countdown timer which will encourage your customers to use it and potentially to increase your turnover. There are 2 things which may force the customers to buy based on this:
* The countdown – users don’t have much time until the code is expired
* The remaining coupons – set limited number of coupons which can be used and visitors seeing that the number of the coupons is small they will be eager to use it.
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Product Tag Autocomplete

The plugin add autocomplete list of tags under the tag field. This way, you can organize your products into a nice and tidy tag cloud, but most important, you don’t need to remember how you insert your tags, you just start typing, and the autocomplete will give you the available options.
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Admin Protector new

The module enable login prompt for admin folder. It’s simple yet powerful method to prevent exploiting Opencart admin bugs, as the hacker need to break that password first. Furthermore some admin extensions and modules rely that admin folder should be called “admin” and renaming the directory will make them broken or unable to work at all.
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