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Filtering component for your tables

Update: The version of the component here could be outdated. Please get the actual version of the component from GitHub

Well, probably you wont believe me, but I wrote whole 3 pages while I realized that it’s so long and probably this is not the right way /and definitely it’s not easy/, so I scratched everything and start over.

It’s been quite long time since I post an article for CakePHP so here it is – shiny brand new post 🙂

This post is more a method how to make filtering, rather a rocket science component, because it’s possible to be used even without extra classes /helpers and components/, but I will post a component which will tune the functionality.

So what is all about? Have you ever miss a filtering functionality in your index actions? Well I really miss it 🙂

What is the best technique to make filter?
In this example there is a controller Countries which handle the countries in the application. table contain 3 columns, ID, NAME and CODE. Code column is numeric in this example and it’s not following any real naming or country convention.
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CakePHP and Layout – secret of data passing through

In my current project I need to deal with the Layout more than adding some header, static menu and footer in it. I need to have dynamic menu loaded from the database plus additional blocks which will contain some data related to the main content. For example YouTube.com /and many other sites/ has some blocks which appear all over the site like related movies block from the right depending from the tags related to the main movie. There are a lot examples.

Well, searching in the CakePHP Manual, CakePHP Google Group or Bakery doesn’t satisfy my understanding how to solve the case. Apart from $anything_for_layout: Making HTML from the View available to the layout article I didnt find anything on this topic. And this one sounds like a hack rather than a complex solution.
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