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Toondoo.com – The comics builder

I always liked such sites. Probably there are a lot of them out there, but recently I found that one – toondoo.com and within 2 weeks I found that they upgrade the service and it become very advanced.

With few words – toondoo.com is a online service which give you ability to build comics by drag and drop elements from the gallery. The features which I like in it:

  • ability to create your own characters
  • ability to change character’s mimic and body position
  • ability to upload images
  • ability to draw your gestures
  • ability to edit previous created comics

There a lot more things.

This also inspire me to start my own comics blog. You can find my “art” at comics.chankov.net.

Hope you enjoy it.

Vectorize your images with VectorMagic

Vector MagicLast Friday I found quite nice service for vectorization of raster images. The service is provided from University of Stanford.

The front end is written in flash or flex and the interface is very intuitive and easy to be used. There are input image detection, quality levels and also ability to edit the preview of the image.

The supported input formats are JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF and EPS, SVG, PNG are the output formats.
The comparison results showing that this tool is better than Adobe and Corel alternatives.

It’s very nice tool I really enjoyed with it /while I tried to vectoring my own portrait :)/
This service seems to be already very popular – according to their blog there are already 1,000,000 uploads.

Hope you like it too.

Update: The service becomes paid. Although you have 2 free credits while you sign up.

Dapper.net – The data mapper – Site review

Dapper - The data mapperI found this site clicking on the AdSense banner. It’s called Dapper.net and here I will explain what is this service. It’s quite strange to find a non-profit site in AdSense block /at least this is my experience so far/, but this is the truth. The first impression was that it has quite neat and clean design and I wanted to understand more about it.

So what I found? Dapper is a web 2.0 application which extract the specified content from a site and create information source /dapp/ and store it as XML, which could be used from third party applications and sites.

“Dapper is a groundbreaking service, allowing companies and developers to seamlessly interact with web content. Using Dapper, companies can focus on building new applications and added value, relying on the Dapper infrastructure to take care of their web integration needs.”
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ClickHeat – track user’s clicks on your web site

Today … is the first day after my trip in Greece. Well it’s hard to be in good mood after a holiday and I couldn’t code as fast as I want for these first days, but this is another story.

I would like to share here some information about a marketing tool which I just saw. It’s called ClickHeat.
What is the main purpose of that tool? People which using already Google Analytics could see many things which are the same, but in fact there are differences which I am going to mention.
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Ajax Examples and Demos Collection

Yesterday I found AjaxRain – Great collection with 600+ Ajax or Javascript code snipets and examples.
I like that site from the first look, because everything in it is clean, neat and usefull. I really like sites having visible preview of the functionality as well as direct link to the example – it just show you the code in action. Everyday there are few new snippets/examples so I think this is one of the good sources for Ajax or Javascript expiration.

Ajax Rain Site