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Zoomii.com – nice interface for Amazon.com


Long time I haven’t post anything about external sites in my blog. Well, this will be changed with that post 🙂

I am writing about a new Book store which I found over the daily browsing over social networks, but I was really amazed, so I decided to share it.

So the web site is Zoomii.com and it’s just interface to the Amazon site. The interesting part is not the content /well there are a lot of interesting titles/, but the interface provided from the store.

Instead of usual tables and lists of books in Zoomii.com all book are structured as in a real book store in shelves. There is one quite nice video tutorial on how to use the book store, so users wont be confused using the in the site.

I suspect that they using the engine of Google Maps, or at least it’s very similar, because all actions remembers me the Google service.

Hope I intrigued you and you would visit that amazing book store.

htmlSQL class – quite nice way of parsing html

Today I found a class written in PHP which implement the idea of using SQL syntax while parsing HTML documents – htmlSQL. The idea of the author – Jonas David John – is quite simple. If you want to parse a HTML document, let’s way you want to parse all divs with class “row”,the syntax will look like normal SQL:

SELECT * FROM div WHERE $class == "row"

Looking familiar isn’t it? There is also function connect() /which define the html source/ and fetch_array() which contain the results after the query.

There are few examples included in the library package and here is the simplest one:
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Ajax Examples and Demos Collection

Yesterday I found AjaxRain – Great collection with 600+ Ajax or Javascript code snipets and examples.
I like that site from the first look, because everything in it is clean, neat and usefull. I really like sites having visible preview of the functionality as well as direct link to the example – it just show you the code in action. Everyday there are few new snippets/examples so I think this is one of the good sources for Ajax or Javascript expiration.

Ajax Rain Site