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Google Page Rank update

Google logoYesterday, I read an article about Page Rank and how Google “punished” some popular sites with “downgrading” their PR. This happened because they had external links without attribute rel=”nofollow”.

Today I saw that Google rated my site as well. It is my first page rank. I got PR 3 and now what? Shall I make a party? Shall I cry? No! It’s one digit which telling nothing to regular people.

I don’t care what Page Rank of this page is, because it’s not commercial, but probably for some commercial project it’s quite critical.
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Google Docs

Today Google just released the Google Docs and Spreadsheets. I was amazed of the usability and simplicity of the tool.

Briefly, there are Explorer/Navigator part, which users could sort and manage their files. The new features here are the Folder management, which is nothing new in the world, but it’s handy especially if you have lot of documents.
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