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Dapper.net – The data mapper – Site review

Dapper - The data mapperI found this site clicking on the AdSense banner. It’s called Dapper.net and here I will explain what is this service. It’s quite strange to find a non-profit site in AdSense block /at least this is my experience so far/, but this is the truth. The first impression was that it has quite neat and clean design and I wanted to understand more about it.

So what I found? Dapper is a web 2.0 application which extract the specified content from a site and create information source /dapp/ and store it as XML, which could be used from third party applications and sites.

“Dapper is a groundbreaking service, allowing companies and developers to seamlessly interact with web content. Using Dapper, companies can focus on building new applications and added value, relying on the Dapper infrastructure to take care of their web integration needs.”
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