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Powered with Ubuntu 8.10

Today I’ve upgraded my desktop machine with the last version of Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid and I am quite happy from the installation. Wow, it’s been two years and a half since I switched from Windows. It is like it was yesterday. 🙂

First things which I personally notice are:

  • Shut Down is separated from Login and Switch user.
  • The weather forecast is integrated in the time “widget” into panel, where it’s possible to add more than one location – very convenient for mobile users.
  • Default terminal application /gnome-terminal/ supporting tabs. Which in fact is not new /I’ve checked my laptop where I am still using 8.04 and this feature exist as well/, but I just noticed this. Anyway, I am using terminator rather than gnome-terminal 🙂
  • The installation script remove some of my favorite games, especially Kasteroids, anyway re installation was quite easy.

This is my first time when I just upgrade instead of total wipe out and clean install. Apart from this – so far so good, everything run smoothly and nicely. Ubuntu rocks!

How to run Toad under Ubuntu using Wine

Original Article is located here but unfortunately is in Spanish.

So let’s translate original article and I will put additional comments on it:

Step 1.) Installing wine
Wine is application which allow you to execute windows files on Unix enviroment. Because this article is for Ubuntu (my current version is 7.04) I assume that it’s installed, but if not, run the following command:
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