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Problem with mysql_real_escape_string when Sanitize your data.

When building applications is always smart to check and clean the user input. This is a must when you building a website or public application.

I create always an instance of Sanitize class in my AppController and then using it in all of my controllers like this
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CakePHP and Character Set in the Database

Today I found something in the CakePHP which saves me a lot of effort when I need to migrate the database as well as searching for non-English characters from the Database. What is the story:
I had 2-3 projects build with Cake which were for non-English environments. That means the localization of the projects as well as storing proper data into DB with proper encoding. The current project is the same.

In these projects I saw that the data was not stored properly in the MySQL. From the Cake project interface everything looks ok, but when I open phpMyAdmin – the chars looked like strange symbols /not ??? neither ӗ&୶/. So far I ignored this because as far it is working from CakePHP interface for me everything was ok.
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