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LG KE850 – Prada

The DeviceA week ago I received the new model of LG KE850. This is my first article about mobile devices and I can’t say that I am changing my mobile often, but I really like the new gadgets, so I will share mu opinion and experience for this device.

Apart from that “Prada” label which directly target this phone to women audience it’s really nice device for people which don’t have many requirements. To tell you the truth I searched through menus for woman’s monthly period callendar, but so far I didnt found. 🙂

So let’s continue more technical.
The phone is thin, really thin comparing with my “official” Sony Ericsson k800. Big wide screen thich give you good opportynity to watch movies and nice touchscreen are the real benefits of that phone.

I wont repeat many other sites for technicap parameters, so I will stick to the things which I noticed.
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Online Excel

Today a friend of mine sent me that EditGrid site. These guys really working hard. The interface working really neat and cover everything /everything that regular user needs on his work with a Grid/. As far I can see they loading part of the grid with Ajax and this way the application is not so heavy, as in other applications which load everything in one. The have also API to integrate with external applications/sites. Impressive!

Edit Grid