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What kind of blogger are you?

I found interesting quiz while browsing IT articles today, shame I miss the opportunity to subscribe to that initiative Blog Action Day which hosts this quiz, but hopefully next year I will participate with many other geeks.

Looking in my blog articles /probably I am the most active reader of them ;)/ I found /curiously how/ that they are really, really serous, without any sense of humor and fun. Only tech articles and stuff which could make my image to look like strong technical guy /which in fact I am/, but there should be a little pinch of fun. Otherwise the blog will become more and more serious and one day people will expect from me to publish an API or even a Technical book otherwise my article wont fit to my profile.

So to let’s put some auto irony and to make my “image” public. Although some of the answers where “I am not exactly this but there is not better answer” here I am:
What Kind of Blogger Are You?

640-822 and 640-863 are the basic tests leading to advanced exams like 70-640 and 70-236 but a lot of 220-602 applicants don’t know about this.

What is yours “Image”?