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That’s my face

last week I found this site [That’s my face] and I decided to take a try.

The process of submission is very easy. You need 3 images (front, left side and right side), once submitted you need to specify some key points which will make these images to become 3D object. Once you finish this, your face went on queue and it will be ready after couple of ours and the site will send you notification mail.

Official description of the service:

How it Works : Take a frontal and profile photo of your face, upload it to our servers and within a few hours we’ll generate your facial profile which includes:

Site features:

  • Your face at 20, 40 and 60 years old
  • Your face as an African, Indian, Asian or Caucasian
  • Your face as man or woman
  • Your caricature
  • Identify your facial asymmetries
  • Attractiveness rating
  • Compare yourself to others and find you look-alikes
  • Buy your custom-made FaceStatue!

I really liked the ages simulation. 🙂

Here is how I will look at 60 years:
That's my face

There is also analysis of your facial features:

  • 61 Shape Features
  • 26 Asymmetric Shape Features
  • 36 Skin Features

There is also “similar faces” comparison:

  • People with similar shape+skin
  • People with similar shape
  • People with similar skin
  • People with similar asymmetries

It’s a really big fun using it! I would recommend you to take a try.

CSS Menu builder

Today I found a new service which could help to designers and developers while they creating the menus for their projects. The site is: www.cssmenubuilder.com and as far I can check from the site’s blog it’s quite new – about a month, but it provide very good service to it’s visitors.

So what is it? As the domain says it’s an online menu generator. The site provide 3 main types of menus: Horizontal and Vertical Menus as well as Breadcrumbs bars. The combinations are unlimited – see what the author said:

Please check out our 30+ horizontal menus, our 700+ vertical menus combinations and our breadcrumb menus that consist of more than 200+ combinations, in total the site offers more than 1000 menu combinations not including the endless color combinations.

Briefly what I like and what I miss in that site:

  • Great service for people which are too busy to spend hours for building menus. I could say I am one of them 🙂
  • It’s free, no need to register.
  • Ability for live preview of the menu while doing it.

There is only one thing which missing and it’s multilevel menus, let’s hope this functionality will be available soon.

I definitely will use this service for my future projects. Why don’t you try yourself?
The site: www.cssmenubuilder.com

Text-Link-Ads know your password

I’ve been registered in TLA site long time ago. Since I start this Blog I put their ad here, but this was till now.

I really want to know I am the only person knowing my password, but unfortunately it’s not this way at least in TLA. Recently I wanted to login into my account at text-link-ads.com, but I had forgotten my password and I requested a new one with “Forgot password” feature from their site. I was really surprised, that instead a temporary string for new password, or activation link which will give me access to change my password, I received my password as plain text in my e-mail.
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