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Social Bookarks == TV

Social Bookmarks CloudI agree with some of my friends that TV is wasting of time. It’s time consuming process when you can see some parts of information/entertaintment between the commercials, because the main content of every TV is the Commercials – that’s how they survive. I could say also that watching TV is really addictive thing – you following series, shows, realities all that stuff and in the end you learned nothing except that some guy win a prize or another one get lost in an iceland etc.

If you calculate your time in front of television every day and multiply by days in a year I think you will realize how many hours from your life you spent in this “activity”.

I can show my statistics: I am in front of the TV at least 1-2 hours a day mainly from 9-11 PM. I could say that in the weekends I spend a little bit more, so I can presume that average is 2 hours. if we multiply per days of the year it’s 730 hours yearly. Divided by 24 and I can see that there are 30 days in a year when I do nothing than watching. It’s 1/12-th of the year! Waste of time indeed.

I think that Social Bookmarking Networks /SBN/ are the same as TV. Why?

Because in SBN you don’t spend time on watching commercials, but at least 2/3 of the news are not related to your inerests, so you just read the title, but it’s a waste of time, isn’t it? They are also addictive, because I always wanted to know is there something new around and I open my RSS reader more than checking my e-mails. If you reading more than one SBN as me, you will notice that some stories are the same, just the author populate the story in all other networks /I am watching 2 SBN – Digg.com and Del.icio.us so far and I believe that people probably participate in more/. My experience show me that I spent at least 1-2 hours daily for browsing and following links and reading stories. If we apply the statistic from above, it’s a really big period in a year – whole 2 months. If we subtract all other things like sleeping, eating, traveling to the work and other life supporting things we end up with very small amount of productive time.

I will try hardly to reduce this time as much as possible.

I would really like to know how you manage to balance between consumer and producer during your day.