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My experience with Windows Vista

Linux vs. WindowsWhen I started my new job as I mentioned earlier, I got brand new laptop – Lenovo 3000 n200. The machine is quite powerful, but unfortunately it show a defect in the beginning – halted unexpected on OS start and because I throw the wrapping box, the supplier refused to change the machine with new and they suggest to repair it /In fact this is the second reason why I was so quiet last month ;)/.

Quite strange practice – to keep the wrapping box. Imagine what we should do with other desktops, printers, servers and even a rack, if we need to keep all these boxes in the office!!!

So, I had to return it and now I am using a spare machine with Windows Vista Home Edition installed on it. Well, during these almost three weeks I decided to write about my experience with Windows after almost 2 years on Ubuntu Linux.
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